The Danger of Having Seasonal Allergies During COVID-19

seasonal allergies

What makes COVID-19 a deadly disease is its elusive nature. It can hide as a simple cough or cold and develop into more severe symptoms. Since flu season commonly affects most people, one can dangerously assume that they don’t have COVID-19 due to their similar signs of illnesses. Having a better understanding of what differentiates colds, flu, allergies, and COVID-19 will help you make a better decision for your health.

The looming threat of COVID-19

Although nations are now slowly adapting to the coronavirus pandemic’s repercussions, it’s still a looming threat to most countries. Since there are still no viable vaccines for people to receive, it’s best to avoid any potential contact with its effects on your body. A person has COVID-19 if they exhibit a set of upper respiratory symptoms, such as shortness of breath, cough, or fever. 

Other potential signifiers that you have COVID-19 is a prevailing loss of a sense of smell and taste. Unfortunately, these warning signs are also present with allergies and cases of flu. This is why you must know how to narrow down your diagnosis and respond with the appropriate response to it.

The proper way to prevent allergies

Colds and cases of flu generally happen to you after experiencing a drastic change in climate conditions. However, allergies are trickier to face. The proper way to deal with allergies is to avoid contaminants that can irritate your senses. It’s more common for these allergens to be present during the spring and autumn season as plant species are germinating.

Staying indoors is one way to prevent having an allergic reaction. Alternatively, the perfect time to go outdoors is after a cleaning rain. If you can manage to stay inside during dry or windy days, you mitigate the risk of being exposed to dust particles and pollen. Try to match these climate conditions, especially if you have to go outside to do yard work or hang laundry.

By keeping allergens outside, you prevent your living spaces from having them. This is why it’s best to stay indoors or remove any piece of clothing immediately once you enter your home. Keep a separate hamper for your clean clothes and outdoor clothing so that you won’t bring any pollen inside the house.

The right way to treat seasonal allergies

Since some people can’t completely keep themselves away from the outdoors, they must instead prepare in advance for seasonal allergies. If you have to face these allergens head-on, you must have the right defenses with you. Listed below are three precautionary medical solutions your physician may prescribe for your allergies.

1. Nasal sprays

Allergic reactions can cause inflammation of your sinuses. This causes your body to be more vulnerable to pollutants in the air by forcing you to breathe through your mouth. Nasal sprays will relieve sinus congestions and shrink any swollen nasal membranes.\

2. Antihistamines

People who are prone to food allergies are familiar with taking antihistamines. Their primary purpose is to block your immune system from releasing allergy-inducing symptoms. There are several brands of antihistamines to choose from, depending on what works with your immune system.

3. Allergic injections

A long-term solution for allergic reactions is taking allergy injections. A patient must take it in small doses to trigger your allergies in small amounts to increase your body’s defenses when an actual allergic stimulus presents itself.


If you start experiencing upper respiratory symptoms without any interaction with the outdoors or fluctuating climates, you may have COVID-19. Although staying in quarantine might be a possible precaution, it’s best to confirm your suspicions by going to the nearest medical facility.

Confirming your diagnosis will clarify if you’ll need more intensive medical solutions for your condition. We can provide you with urgent professional care, even as a walk-in patient. Visit our branches today if you need a reliable urgent care center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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