How to Encourage Your Child to Be More Physically Active

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Physical fitness is crucial in overall health and well-being. It can strengthen bones and muscles, improve the stability of metabolic systems, and boost immune functions. Because of these benefits, encouraging your child to become physically active should be your priority as their parent or guardian.

Why Is Regular Exercise Important For Children?

For children, exercise has been shown to improve cognitive and intellectual abilities and academic achievement. There is a strong link between physical activity and brain health, particularly during the preschool years. According to a study, 4-6-year-olds who could walk farther in a timed test scored higher on tests involving brain function and thinking abilities.

Another study demonstrates the relationship between physical fitness and cognitive abilities in preschoolers. It shows that children with higher estimated cardiorespiratory fitness had higher scores on academic ability tasks related to expressive language and general intellectual skills.

What Can I Do to Encourage My Child to Be More Physically Active?

While regular exercise is vital for children, the American Academy of Pediatrics says only 1 in 4 children gets the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Encourage your kid to be more physically active by following these tips:

  • Focus on fun activities

Your little one is more likely to keep exercising if they are having fun. Because of this, you should focus on physical activities or sports they tend to enjoy. You can take long walks in the park or trips to the zoo or have a dance party. You can also invite their friends and motivate them to compete and enjoy themselves. Just make sure that these activities are appropriate for their age and fitness level.

  • Limit screen time

Technology is potentially the main reason why many kids prefer staying indoors and living a sedentary lifestyle. Many children are stuck at home spending countless hours on video games, computers, TV, and movies. Thus, limit their time to encourage your kid to stay physically active. 

Additionally, explore activities in your neighborhood that can get them to exercise. For example, you can enroll them in dance classes or let them join a basketball team. You can also use technology that incorporates active movement, like playing video games that simulate sports and dance challenges.

  • Never overdo physical activities

Physical activities should be fun and must never hurt. If your child gets hurt or complains about pain during exercise, ask them to slow down or make them try a less vigorous activity. Never let them overdo it to avoid injuries. 

  • Consult your child’s doctor

Consulting your child’s doctor is necessary, especially if your kid has a health condition that can hinder them from engaging in strenuous physical activities. Seek professional advice and ask about sports and other activities that may be best for your kid to ensure that they can stay physically active and safe.


Being physically fit is effective in boosting your child’s development and health. Motivating your kid to exercise can be challenging, especially if they opt to play video games or scroll through social media for hours, but you can do so by following this guide’s tips. Don’t forget to seek medical advice for further information.

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