5 Types Of Injuries That Should Be Treated In Urgent Care

Broken collar bones

Every so often, people encounter accidents or illnesses that make them wonder whether they should be heading to the nearest urgent care center. While putting up with the discomfort, ignoring the symptoms, and hoping that everything goes away without any treatment may be fine in some cases, it certainly isn’t a cure. 

A mild cough or cold doesn’t typically require professional attention, but whether you’re ill or injured, there comes a point wherein an expert opinion is necessary. If the pain persists and worsens, you may need to be headed to the urgent care center as soon as possible! When you know that your case merits a trip to urgent care, don’t ignore it. For all you know, it could be a matter of life and death.

Should you find yourself looking at a clear sign that you need to head over to the urgent care center, it is important to have a proper reference to assess your current situation. Here are five types of injuries that warrant a trip:

1. Cuts, lacerations, and falls

While things may seem fine after a fall, blow, or cut, it is essential to get an assessment at the u regent care center to prevent any complications. Any cut or laceration that requires stitching and fall or blow to the head that possibly involves a concussion is well-worth a trip to urgent care. You want to avoid infections, excess bleeding, internal bleeding, and brain-related conditions. If your life is in immediate danger, though, head to the emergency room instead.

2. Broken and fractured bones or joints

Regardless of how old you are, there’s no such thing as “self-diagnosing” or “self-treating” a fractured or broken bone or joint. That’s a job only a licensed physician can do properly. Every case of a broken or fractured bone poses a risk of permanent disability or impaired function if it isn’t treated right away. Make sure you get the right help at urgent care, should you suspect anything. 

3. Abdominal or stomach pains

The stark difference between a stomach or abdominal pain that can be fixed with Pepto Bismol or requires professional attention and care lies within the severity of the pain. A severe level of abdominal pain is your body’s way of sounding emergency alarms that can only be calmed down with a trip to urgent care. Certain cases, such as appendicitis, kidney stones, torn colons, kidney infections, ulcers, and the like can be detected only by a medical professional even if severe stomach pain is detected right away. 

4. Fever, nausea, and vomiting

Generally, high body temperatures can be associated with common household flu or fever. But once a fever is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, then it’s definitely time to go to visit the doctor. Fever, nausea, and vomiting are the three fundamental symptoms of severe conditions, such as infections and aggressive types of influenza—all of which must be attended to right away with professional care. 

5. Migraines and headaches

Every once in a while, a migraine or headache may come up when you go about your daily routine. Although their presence may be shrugged off if you have a pre-existing condition or if the pain isn’t severe, you should definitely worry once they become frequent and increasingly painful. Going to the closest urgent care center ensures that the root cause is addressed and your pain is relieved with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

It is vital to take a trip to urgent care if certain conditions or symptoms are present so that you can receive timely medical attention. You’ll find that the medical professionals at such a center can provide you with proper treatment. If you’re in critical condition and your life is immediately threatened, emergency rooms may be more appropriate. In other pressing, yet non-life-threatening cases, though, an urgent care center is the best place to go.

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